Abridged 0 – 10: Haunted

mariner 9 amended

Every fragmented voice or movement leaves its mark on our environment and we are never to forget. Something spilled has spread its stain and haunts our vision as a shadow. An old photograph, a signature in dead handwriting, a blanket of dust and skin cells. Departed others and departed selves remain present within our sensible grasp. With all we have been and done we haunt ourselves among the extinguished masses. We have made casts of ourselves in the air just by breathing, and there in the air they remain, our timeclones, our phantom heritage. Circulating motes animate the ghosts. We shed our pasts like translucent skins but they follow us around on strings of dust and memory, our puppet-shadows. This space is haunted by all that has churned and changed it. A footprint in the sand remembers the shape of the sole. Nature haunts our cities like a bitter ancestor from a golden age. Out of place among the linear constructions a dried weed between paving-stones reminds us of a tree, and we are haunted by this image which is ingrained on our subconscious, innate to our natural humanity. Nature’s old breath, a hot stench, haunts the chemical cleanliness of the urban environment. There are the degenerate satellites that haunt our planet, dumb and lifeless ghosts of the technological era. Containers of dead space and coded memory. And then there are the digital ghosts, virtual profiles and electronic memories cut loose from their human origins and floating aimless in the cyber space. Undeleted husks of the virtual past. And who could deny the haunting? Past lives haunting the domestic, past environments haunting the urban, abandoned fabrications haunting our networks, abandoned selves haunting our consciousness. Haunted is accompanied by exhibitions at Millennium Court Arts Centre Portadown  and Void Gallery Derry by Kelly Richardson. A free PDF of the issue can be found below: