Abridged 0 – 28: Once a Railroad

FX 027

Abridged 0 – 28: Once a Railroad explores the destruction of the dream. The world that exists where ‘reality’ is presented as something to aspire to, something other than the real; where every emotion is public and quickly perishable, where expectation has replaced hope and where love and fear are the same thing.Once we built a railroad and now what is left? What dreams are there still to dream? And the only lines we lay take us up from the void and lead us back down again. Once the future blinded us, strident as a mid-day sun, now the tempered day is old, stooped and shuffles. Once we built a railroad guided by a dream, and what is left? People stark as death, anxious with absence, on crowded paths murky with limitation. No longer hearing the warning whispers or seeing the signals, voided in a theatre of happy endings and perfect fates. Not a future here, so what is left? Burned out stars left to linger in a dusty limbo. Gone are the soft watermarks of the dream. This issue featured: Daniel Seiffert, Gerard Beirne, Ceara Conway, Michael Casey, Rachael Mead, Afric McGlinchey, Nadege Meriau, Clare McCotter, Zoe Murdoch, Olive Broderick, Ruth Le Gear, Howard Wright, Geraldine Timlin, Brian Kirk, Jason Roycroft, Mark O’Flynn, Aiofe Mannix, Arthur Broomfield, Ethna O’Regan, Antony Owen, Dougal McKenzie, Gerard Smyth, Steve Sharkey, Kelly Richardson, Simon Perchik, Sue Morgan, Victoria J. Dean, Stephen Sexton, Bernadette Bradley, Celeste Auge, Jan Uprichard. The Editor of this issue was Gregory McCartney and the Editorial Assistant was Susanna Galbraith, A free PDF can be found below: